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Yoga Session


Experience deeply transformative yoga, designed to balance body & mind. We offer 1-1 sessions, plus community classes, online or in person.


"I love Michelle's classes which are focused very much on the individual, taking the time to understand the pose and most importantly the breathing that goes with it. She really makes sure you get the most benefit from it. Her delivery is brilliant, she is a total optimist but very real and with a wicked sense of humour, so the sessions are a lot of fun too! I wouldn't want to be without these classes now." 

Katy N



Breathwork is an important part of our classes. Our aim is to help you regulate your nervous system quickly and easily. Utilising powerful techniques designed to activate your vagus nerve for optimal functioning in the body + mind. Leave your stress at the door and experience true freedom and calm.  

Yoga at Home


All our classes are suitable for those just starting out on their yoga journey, to the more seasoned pracitioner. Our goal is to make yoga welcoming for all, and with an emphasis on supporting your wellbeing through mindful movement, rather than intense fast flowing postures you can be sure that Sacred Space classes meet you where you're at. 

Buddha Statue


Quiet the mind and immerse yourself in a guided meditation in every class we teach. Switch off and allow yourself to be taken on a mindful journey within. Meditation has been proven to reduce anixety and depression whilst also boosting the immune system, so we never overlook this vital part of your yoga experience. 

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